Paramedical modes of delivery

Its been 6 months since we started offering our “at home” services where we come to you at a time that suits you to deliver content based entirely on learning needs that you’ve recognised.  In this time we’ve delivered sessions to clients ranging from expectant parents to time-limited professionals seeking to enrich their skill set beyond their immediate career.  When we started offering this mode of delivery we, of course, had expectations about how the courses would be received and the benefits we expected them to provide, however, in the process of providing these courses we have uncovered benefits far beyond these.

We expected the a la carte approach to course content to be popular; time is becoming more and more precious so why sit through a range of subjects when you’re interest lies in a particular subset of the field – you might be a young parent concerned about how to recognise and react to genuine paediatric emergencies, or a carer wanting to brush up on your particular areas of concern. Another key benefit we anticipated was much like the traditional mobile hairdresser, the reduction in overheads means that our costs are reduced and consequently so is the cost to you, and as we charge by the hour for this mode of delivery its entirely up to you how bite-size you want the content to be. Many of us have been brought up to expect formality around learning environments but we’ve received feedback that the familiar surroundings offered by peoples’ living rooms, dining rooms and studies, to be comforting and consequently conducive to learning; people like to get in from work, grab their daily dose of their favourite soap and then continue to learn (sometimes in their joggers and slippers!).

As well as the aforementioned focus on course content there is obviously greater focus on the individuals in this delivery mode. Group sizes tend to be smaller meaning more of a share of the instructor’s time and of course as you’re amongst friends (usually family) the question-phobia some people experience in more formal settings is eliminated. Ask as many silly questions as you like, not only will it help reinforce your learning but give you all something to share (laugh about) at family gatherings for years to come – A sort of viral learning!

It stands as testament to how satisfying people are finding this approach that clients are booking their 12 month refreshers immediately upon completion.

Student First Aid Awareness

Chris has delivered the first of our new one hour First Aid awareness lessons. Covering three different topics with 3 different year groups in the same day. The feedback Chris got from both students and teachers was fantastic and really positive. The students were still buzzing about the lessons later that day. We will visit your school and offer a wide range of lesson topics covering aspects of the school curriculum. Contact us for details.