Medical gases & Airway Management courses

Paramedical First Aid Training now offer a number of medical gases courses.  Choose from our courses to develops skills in the administration of oxygen and/or analgesic (Entonox) gas. It is aimed at anyone over the age of 18 working in an environment where Oxygen & Entonox are on site. You will learn about the administration of oxygen and/or analgesic gas. During the course you will cover the skills and equipment which can assist with basic resuscitation. Perfect for staff working in medical centres, emergency services including police response units, and voluntary organisations.

This course can be tailored dependent on which onsite gases you use.

Using your onsite Oxygen and Entonox kits you will cover:

Oxygen safety, practical use and contra-indications

Entonox use and contra-indications

Training in Airway Management – practical use of airway adjuncts.