Children’s First Aid Training.. Great Feedback!!

Thank you for the training that the children received on Thursday 7th July at our school.  The feedback from the children and the staff was very positive.  I have included some of the quotes from the children:

“It is important that we learn these kinds of things and he taught us really well.”

“He was really friendly.”

“It was helpful, as if no-one is around, I will know what to do.”

“It is good to learn what to do if I am ever in that situation.”

“I got the green lights to work on the dummy so I was really pleased with myself.”

“It was good to be able to practise on the dummy so we knew we were doing it right.”

“It was really good fun!”

As you can see the children loved it and I have to say, even as an adult I’ve learnt some things too.  One thing that did amaze me is the things that people waste the emergency services time for!

Construction Company Sponsors training

Pupils from Sutton Coldfield’s St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School have received life-saving first aid training as part of an initiative sponsored by construction and infrastructure company Morgan Sindall.

Chris from Paramedical First Aid Training  delivered four engaging sessions to the school’s Key Stage 2 pupils.

The talks and training included guidance on how and when to dial 999, along with an explanation of the dangers of hoax calling and activities set up to reinforce the learning.

Gerry O’Hara, school principal, commented:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the children in our school to develop an understanding of first aid. The training will help the children develop a range of skills to benefit themselves and potentially provide crucial help during an emergency situation, or even save someone’s life. We are extremely proud of all of the children involved.”